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Save both time and money watering your lawn with the sophisticated Rainbird irrigation control. Boasting 22 unique climate zones, the Rain Bird ESP - SMTe has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense label. With irrigation control by Rain Bird you can be confident knowing that you are achieving unsurpassed efficiency without compromising on performance.


Rain Bird is trusted by the world’s top golf courses to keep their greens looking lush and green. Keep your commercial or residential lawn looking its absolute best, and only water when you need to with the Rain Bird ESP- SMTe. Each irrigation controller collects precipitation data and automatically recalculates the watering requirements of your landscaping. This means no more over watering! Not only will you start to save immediately, but you will be doing the environment a favour. Using the ESP-SMTe Cycle and Soak feature, the controller takes into account soil conditions and  optimizes the watering duration and amount to reduce water runoff.


Programming the Rain Bird ESP-SMTe sprinkler system controller is designed to be as simple as possible. Using the Extra Simple Programming (ESP) family of controllers, both accuracy and simplicity are achieved. Rain Bird has worked hard to provide ease of use and unsurpassed energy efficiency and environmental consciousness to each of their products. Using the WaterSense weather sensors, each Rain Bird sprinkler control reduces water run off and over watering while saving you both money and time!


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